Buying jewellery online is sometimes a leap of faith. You can't try it, visualise metrics, find the perfect fit. And if you're buying a gift for someone, things can be a little more challenging. So I'm here to help with some answers to frequently asked questions.


1. Is the only way to buy something on your website via PayPal?
Yes, PayPal is our payment gateway facility. But you don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to buy from our website. As long as you have a debit or credit card to hand, the checkout system will guide you.


2. I want to buy someone a jewellery gift but I’m not certain about their style. What if they don’t like it?
I understand that a gift has an element of chance and am happy to accept returns, provided the item is unworn and in its original condition. Please read my returns policy.


3. I am looking for necklaces and have a hard time understanding lengths. Can you help? 
Granted, it’s not easy to visualise inches and centimetres! For this reason, I have a helpful visual guide, showing the different necklace lengths on the body.


4. I like a couple of your pieces but would prefer a different gemstone. Can it be done?
Of course. All my jewellery is customisable. Do get in touch to discuss your preferences. Sometimes, certain gemstones are only found in specific shapes, but if this is the case I will present a gamut of options, so we can design a piece exactly as you’d like it.


5. I like one of your rings but need a different size. Can you do this, and what is the cost?
Yes, this is no problem. Depending on the size difference, I can re-size an existing ring or make a new one to your size. Re-sizing costs vary according to design, starting from £25. If I am to make a fresh ring to your size: silver would not incur extra costs; for gold rings I will provide an estimate. Please contact me.


6. I’d like to gift someone a ring but don’t know their size. What do I do?
The most reliable way would be to get hold of one of their existing rings and measure the inside diameter. I will be able to calculate the appropriate ring size from this. If this is not possible, still contact me and I will try to guess a best size. If what you buy doesn’t fit, you can always exchange it for a suitable size.


7. I know my ring size in US / European metrics. How do I translate it to UK size?
I'm here to help! Read my blog post on size conversion to find out.


8. I like one of your silver pieces but would prefer it in gold. Can you do this, and what is the cost?
I can create any of my pieces in a different metal. Please contact me to get a price estimate. 


9. I have some old jewellery that I no longer wear. Can you re-purpose it for me?
Absolutely. I love this king of project. Precious metals can be cut, melted, re-shaped and gemstones reused, to create a new piece that you’ll love. Read my commissions page for inspiration and get in touch to discuss.


10. I’m thinking of buying a gold-plated item, but I’ve been told that plating fades quickly. Is this true?
Gold plating does fade over time but the time it takes to do so varies widely – from person to person and from piece to piece. As a rule, rings are the first to fade, as the constant contact with your skin and items you handle remove the plating. By contrast, earrings and necklaces last a lot longer. Necklaces you wear close to your skin all the time (including in the shower), will fade faster. I plate all my jewellery with 5 microns of gold, so my plated pieces retain their colour quite well. But eventually you may need to have an item re-plated. 


11. My gold-plated item needs replating. What do I do?
Please contact me to arrange. Re-plating costs will vary according to size and complexity of item, starting from £15.