18ct gold & diamond wave ring

Based on my Silhouette floating gems collection, this ring was created to showcase my client's existing diamonds.

Bespoke jewellery set - necklace

Asymmetrical geometric silver necklace using a selection of my client's existing gemstones, in fresh harmonious hues.

Bespoke lariat

My brief was to design a piece to feature my client's fabulous baroque pearls. This lariat, based on my ORB collection theme, is a play of the geometric and the organic and can be worn longer or shorter, as the mood strikes.

Bespoke recycled cocktail ring

This ring was made using preloved gold bands, melted down and reshaped into new wire. My client also provided the fabulous emerald and the two diamonds and I sourced sapphire and ruby to create a multi-gem cocktail ring with granulation accents.

Pearl anniversary necklace

Graphic necklace spelling 'a&b' (the couple's initials), with Akoya pearls forming the balls of the letters and a green tourmaline (October's gemstone, their month) being the connector.

Bespoke recycled ring

Bespoke remake of a lapis, silver & gold ring. The original silver was melted down and reshaped and the entire ring was redesigned with gold bezel and granules added to bring out the deep blue colour of the gemstone. A companion silver ring, with contrasting texture, was designed to fit under the lapis ring's bezel.

Design around existing gemstone

Bespoke ring based on my ORB collection of granulated jewellery. My customer had this fabulous large oval moonstone, which I set in a custom 9ct gold coil ring.

Ruby anniversary ring
Bespoke ring based on my ORB collection of granulated pieces, toped with a sparkling ruby to mark the occasion. 

Silver buckle

Inspired by design details from a Cuban cigar label. Read about the making of the buckle here.

Encoded monogram cufflinks

Spelling his initials in code.  Sterling silver.

Skull cufflinks

Sterling silver, black diamonds.

His & Hers wedding bands

Triple bands with hammeded detail in9ct white gold.

Etched cuff

Textured cuff in photo-etched sterling silver.

Bike Chain bracelet

Bespoke man's bracelet inspired by elements of bike chains. In sterling silver, oxidised to create an industrial look & feel.

9ct white gold topaz earrings

These delicate drop earrings, in different shaped topaz gems, were designed to match my client's  necklace. The square topaz were an existing pair of earrings that was repurposed, with added round and briolette gems to match and create a more substantial design. One of the challenges was to source the right colour of topaz, as it's a gemstone that comes in a wide variety of blue hues.

Bespoke jewellery set - earrings

Geometric silver earrings using a selection of my client's existing gemstones, in fresh harmonious hues. As the gems were all different in shape and size, the earrings were designed deliberately asymmetrical.

Bespoke multi-gem bracelet

Adaptation of my Silhouette gem bracelet, but bigger and bolder, using my client's existing rough gemstones. I designed a claw setting that makes the most of the stone and chose a chain bold enough to showcase the gems.

Bespoke granulated gold band

Based on my ORB stacking rings design, this 18ct gold ring was made by recycling my client's existing gold ring, which was melted and reshaped into a new band and the tiny spheres. 

Pearl anniversary cufflinks

Typographical cufflinks spelling 'A' (his initial), in silver and freshwater pearls. The thin arm of the letter was made in 18ct gold, to give an accent. {If you look closely, you'll notice that the gold, joined with the black pearl, also forms the letter 'b', his better half :) }

Bespoke earrings

Bespoke sculptural earrings in 9ct white gold, with golden and black pearls. Made to match my client's necklace, bought some time ago in Vietnam. One of the challenges was sourcing the pearls to match the colours of the necklace (golden pearls are not common in the UK.)

Rose cufflinks

Hand-carved rose cufflinks in sterling silver. The feminine theme of the design is contrasted by the solid form, resulting in a play between softness and hardness.

Companion ring

Some time after the original ruby ring was completed, I was asked to make a companion ring, in a matching sytle and fitting around it. An existing unwanted gold item was recycled and topped up with fresh 9ct gold to make this ring. Precise measurements and multiple fittings of one ring next to the other were made, to make sure the offset little spheres fit together like a puzzle.

Silver MG cufflinks

Created for an MG enthusiast, in sterling silver, to the exact shape and proportions of the brand logo.

Mother-daughter name necklaces

Initials necklaces in 9ct gold.

Stacking gold rings

3 unloved gold rings, donated by family, in different caratage. Melted down together and turned into wire. 3 brand new granulated rings, made to order.  

Personalised dog tag

Marking the origin of the family in schematic map, and the childrens' birthdays.

Tree of Life cuff

Cut-out silver cuff, in a custom design interpreting the tree of life motif.

Commissioning a piece

I'm always happy to create a bespoke piece of jewellery, whether you have a specific idea or just a vague inkling. 


Here are some examples of bespoke creations. Some are variations on my existing themes, to match my clients' preferences or needs. Others are completely fresh designs, created to specific briefs.


My process is highly interactive, involving my clients in every step, from early sketches to mock-ups, so the final piece is co-created. 


Repurposing / recycling old jewellery

Out of love with an existing or inherited piece? I can help you put it to good use by taking it apart, melting down, reshaping, adding elements and ultimately creating a new piece of jewellery that you'll love.


If you have an idea, however vague, get in touch to arrange an initial chat.