Bespoke ring based on my ORB collection of granulated jewellery. My customer had this fabulous large oval moonstone, which I set in a custom 9ct gold coil ring.

Ruby anniversary ring
Bespoke ring based on my ORB collection of granulated pieces, toped with a sparkling ruby to mark the occasion. 

Silver buckle

Inspired by design details from a Cuban cigar label.

Skull cufflinks

Sterling silver, black diamonds.

His & Hers wedding bands

Triple bands with hammeded detail in9ct white gold.

Encoded monogram cufflinks

Spelling his initials in code.  Sterling silver.

Etched cuff

Textured cuff in photo-etched sterling silver.

Bespoke sculptural earrings make to match my customer's necklace, bought in Vietnam. Made in 9ct white gold, with golden and black pearls. Sourcing the golden pearls and matching the colours to the pearls of the necklace was an interesting challenge :)

Silver MG cufflinks

Created for an MG enthusiast, in sterling silver, in the exact shape and proportions of the logo.

Mother-daughter name necklaces

Initials necklaces in 9ct gold.

Stacking gold rings

3 unloved gold rings, donated by family, in different caratage. Melted down together and turned into wire. 3 brand new granulated rings, made to order.  

Personalised dog tag

Marking the origin of the family in schematic map, and the childrens' birthdays.

Tree of Life cuff

Cut-out silver cuff, in a custom design interpreting the tree of life motif.

Rose cufflinks

Hand-carved rose cufflinks in sterling silver.

Commissioning a piece

Katerina is more than happy to undertake commissions, she loves a creative challenge.


Here are some examples of bespoke jewellery she has designed and created for her clients.  

Some are variations of her existing collections.

Others are completely fresh desings, created around her clients' briefs.


If you have an idea, however vague, get in touch with Katerina to arrange an initial chat.


Repurposing / recycling old jewellery

Out of love with your existing valuable pieces? Katerina can help you put them to good use by taking them apart, melting down, reshaping or creating something new from the raw materials.