Inspired by Bond

For this year's London Design Festival, my collective, JeDeCo, decided to pay tribute to all things Bond, inspired by the new film coming up this winter. So my brief was to design and create a piece of jewellery, inspired by the Bond film franchise.

There were several areas for creative exploration : heroes, villains, clever gadgets, iconic graphic design.. But pretty quickly I found a more unexpected source of inspiration. Ernst Blofeld's pampered cat, who guest-starred in several Bond films.



The image of the fluffy cat, being stroked oftent by the invisible Blofeld, Bond's arch-enemy, provided a style direction.

The cat had to be charming but a little dangerous, stylish and suave, not twee. This is a Bond character after all.

My thoughts turned to Art Deco cat depictions, highly stylised and graphic.




My cat takes a shine to the template I created, before I started working on silver. I took it as a good sign!


The finished article, a silver brooch with gold embelishments.

It's name? The Wrong Pussy.  

Quiped by James himself in Diamonds Are Forever. Perfect.


The brooch will be showcased at my collective's gallery, OXO Tower, for the duration of LDF; 14-22 September.  Pop in to see it in the flesh!