Katerina designs and creates pieces in silver and gold with accents of gemstones, inspired by decorative arts and graphic design. Contemporary in look and feel, tactile and sculptural in form. Some are playful, some more dramatic, all designed to express individuality whatever the occasion.

Katerina's designs explore inherent dualities in shape and form: curviness in linearity, symmetry in asymmetry, softness in hardness, order in chaos; a deliberate tension applied to create contrast and stronger visual impact.

She studied mathematics and built a career in marketing before deciding to act on a life-long passion for design. Having grown up in a family of amateur craft makers, she was encouraged to create from a young age. Jewellery featured early on and became the perfect creative outlet, combing inspiration and problem solving, left and right brain, the artistic and the engineered.

Katerina is a member of JeDeCo jewellery designers' collective and her collections are on permanent display at the collective's independent gallery at London's iconic OXO Tower Wharf.

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